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Our Vineyards


Pugnane vineyards enjoy a good reputation, particularly the part which faces southward towards the township of Barolo. The slopes which fall under Castiglione Falletto are characterized by a cooler micro-climate which, in any case, permits the achievement of reasonable results in terms of structure, though more tense and with a more perceptible acidity than other crus of the same township. We use this vineyard for our basic Barolo because it gives freshness and a floral note to our Barolo.


Easily visible from the road which runs from Monforte d’Alba towards Barolo, Panerole is located in Novello and snakes along the series of roundish slopes of the hamlet of this cru and enjoys, for the most part, good exposures, particularly in the highest part of the southwestern side near the hamlet’s house. As far as the wines are concerned, all of which have appeared rather recently, the style can vary from the lighter and more elegant one to the more muscular and rugged one of Daniele Conterno.


It is one of the most southern crus of the Barolo area with a very particular microclimate due to the opening of the valley towards the majestic Alps, a cooler area that expresses the best features in warm years, characterized by an important vein of chalk in the ground.



The first cru to be officially declared in 1961 on a Barolo label in the “modern era”, Bussia is not only the best known vineyard site in all of Monforte d’Alba but also one of the true super-stars of the entire appellation, capable of simulating the dreams and desire of wine lovers all over the world. And it is precisely here that are located on the oldest of Nebbiolo vines (average age 50) of the Conterno family. The soil is very steep, plastic, hardly workable and full of clay. Given the excellent quality, the fruits are used exclusively for the production of Bussia Barolo DOCG Riserva.


Very different in characteristics from the area of ​​Panerole, an open valley towards the Po valley (towards east), affected by warmer winds that give greater tannin maturation making them more and more sweet and elegant. Wine with a great potential for aging.

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