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Daniele Conterno

Daniele Conterno considers himself a very lucky boy! He does the job he loves and is supported by his large beautiful family in one of the most perfect places in the world. He represents the fourth generation of producers. Starting with Great Grandfather Pietro Conterno and 18 hectares of land. The land passed to his Grandfather Giacomo. Then to his father Franco who he still works with everyday.

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Daniele grew up in the vineyards with his brother Andrea. So far, he tries to express what his wines mean for him in every bottle. For Daniele wine is a natural product that reflects what is in the earth what is in his land, and what is in the history of his family.  Many people ask: "are you a traditionalist or a modernist." Daniele answers: "I really love the traditional way of producing wines, but I am always keeping an eye on what is new, and experimenting to push the level of what is possible while respecting my father and grandfather's wishes."


In 2005 his father Franco made the decision to become certified organic. Daniele and his brother embraced that idea. Daniele is exited about his new project. Having his own wines with the full blessing of his father Franco. Daniele is exited for his sons to continue the long tradition.

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